The concept behind MLM Bridal was born out of Julia’s desire to dress the MLM Girl in an elevated, elegant, and minimal gown for one of her most important moments in life without breaking the budget. 

MLM Bridal began by creating styles, one by one, which she photographed as a finale shot alongside our MLM seasonal campaigns.

After a few years, a simplistic, functional bridal range was created for you. Because MLM is an exclusive online service, each bridal order will be exclusively managed by Julia. 

Our gowns are designed to be affordable, thought-out, and easily adjustable for their final fit. MLM also achieves short production lead times compared to industry alternatives. 

MLM offers ‘off the rack or ‘made-to-measure' where a custom pattern will be created just for you!

With our ‘made to measure’ service, Julia personally offers to discuss your measurements, the styling of your gown, and any special wishes you have for the fit and look of your gown. 

Once all details are confirmed, we then liaise with our specialised production team and ensure the gown is created and delivered with time to spare for the bride to relax and enjoy that glass of bubbles before the beautiful moment of love.

with love, Julia 

How to make sure your choice is 'the one'... Your journey begins with selecting a gown from our curated online Bridal capsule.

Our HQ is now based on the west coast of Australia. It is most likely you are located in a different city - so we offer Zoom consultations at no charge to discuss any styles of interest, fit, a timeline suited to you, your measurements and any other questions you may have.

Zoom consults can be booked here or via the bridal section of our online store. 

After a decade of establishing an elevated and professional production system, working with only the mostsought-after team. Julia has developed a simple and straight-forward journey from the initial contact to the magic of creating your gown.


1) Book your complimentary 20-minute consultation with Julia. She will discuss your gown, timelines, and all details, from fit to your shoes.

With her guidance, she will also take all measurements needed to create your bespoke bridal gown.
You can book your appointment online via this link. You can also email us directly at with any questions; we easily communicate via email and also have an online survey as an option to record your details before producing your gown.

2) Choose your style and train length.

3) Place your order through the checkout, or contact us to create an order to be prompted to your email.We offer payment plans with a 50% deposit on order placement and the balance when your gown is ready.
Simply reach out to us for this option.

4) Julia will have all the details from your consultation or email correspondence. We will double-check all the details before we make the magic happen.
We can also suggest styling images to match the fit of your gown.We offer two bridal packages, which we are happy to discuss prior to your order if needed.

Package 1:
Straight to the making and delivery of the gown: 5-8 weeks from order to delivery

Package 2:
Pre-Fit Sample: We develop and send you a ‘tulle’ to try before creating the final gown.

Once fit notes are taken, we will then recreate your pattern for your final gown. Free express shipping is included for all bridal orders.


Why do we now offer make to measure?

MLM Bridal being exclusive to online, we now make each bride's measurements. After 5 years with our gowns in the market, We have found a formula that works for both MLM and our brides.Once you have chosen the style, discussed your best options with us, and placed your order, we will personally reach out for those extra bits and bobs needed to create your pattern.

Our 'MAKE TO MEASURE' service includes bespoke bust, waist, hip, and length measurements. 

We will also discuss the ‘styling of your garment’ if you would prefer a loose fit, all-over fit, tighter in areas, looser in other areas.

All of our bodies are unique, and alterations or tweaks are very common, from your first to your last fitting. We do recommend you have a local seamstress, as there may be slight amendments to be made.For example, we prefer to add some extra length to cover any chance of your curves pulling up the length or if your shoes are that little taller than expected.

 After receiving your gown, all further alterations will be your own responsibility.

Despite this, the make-to-measure service only requires a small fee to cover the pattern created for your body.

This will save a substantial amount of final seamstress expenses when amending any garment to your preferred fit.We highly recommend our made-to-measure service to avoid additional expenses.

We are here to help with any questions along the way, and our production team liaises daily with our Australian office to ensure they are constantly in touch with the desired outcomes of the label and you, the MLM Bride.

You would like to choose a standard size and have it amended on your end.
Yes, this is possible. We offer sizes XS through 3XL, and our gowns are designed to be adjusted with your local seamstress.

Please reach out to us to check your measurements so we can recommend the best size for you and determine if you will require amendments in any area.If doing so, please choose a seamstress who has an understanding of and experience with fine silks.

Is our bridal gown returnable?

Your gown is specifically made to order for you; this means that our production team purchases fabric specifically for your gown and has it crafted for your day.
This has been implemented to align with our sustainability ethos and ensure we do not hold excess stock or create excess waste.
We have sourced, worked alongside, and trained the bridal production team for over 10 years.This has been done to ensure the best production has been found for you.
We make each gown one by one, down to the personalised pattern.

Our bridal also provides the rare service of good-quality production with short lead times.

You can read our bridal t&cs' here.


 All of our gowns are carefully handmade to order for your special day. 

From the time you place your order, please allow 6-8 weeks for your gown to be made, however we recommend to order your gown a minimum of 10 weeks prior to the wedding to accommodate for production time as well any further alterations to be made by your local tailor of choice.

If your gown is urgent then please ask us and we will see if we could prioritise your make, depending on the time of the year we can make a gown for you in 4-6 weeks. If you choose our pre fit sample package then we ask you to allow 12-16 weeks for your final gownAre you ready to take the next step?

you book a complementary zoom consult or reach out to us with any questions here 


20 minute Zoom consultation   
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