A chat with Natalie

MLM Label Hazel Romper

From the Austrian mountains to Barcelona city, Natalie Kreuzmayr knows how to keep busy and look fabulous while doing so.

We chat to her about inspiration, relaxation and style.

We would love to hear about your journey, how did you succeed in where you are today as in influencer?

Since I was born, I was surrounded by media (in Austria) due to the fact my dad is quite a famous singer where I am come from. When Instagram was born, I found out that more and more people seemed to be interested in my life. First it started as an hobby but soon brands appeared offering gifts or paid collaborations. But although it turned out to be like this, I always stayed true to myself. I post what I really like and would never recommend something because I have been paid for it. I’d rather not do that job then. And I think, this is what my community values.

We see you as an ultimate example of the #MLMGIRL, what influences your style?

First of all I’m honoured by this, thank you! My rule number one is to feel comfortable, if I do, then the outfit works for me! I think travelling influences me a lot in what I wear. Seeing different parts of this planet opens my mind and makes my closet grow :)

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MLM Label Sound Ruffle Top Sound Ruffle Top in Antique Lace

Who or what inspires you?

Difference! I’m inspired by people who are not afraid to be different! Who take the risk to fail - these are the winners for me.

Any further travel plans for the next 12 months? (We look forward to following you on your journeys)

Oh yes I do ;) I’m spending my whole summer basically in-between Barcelona, Marbella and Ibiza. With a view stops in Austria! My list includes as well Tulum, Colombia and Thailand ;)

What do you do to recharge your creative and inspirational mind?

There is no better way than spending some days at my grandparents place in Austrian mountains, where the words "internet," "Wifi" & co are never used. Where I focus on nature and my family!


Follow Natalie's travels on @nataliekreuzmayr and nataliekreuzmayr.com