Around the World with Adri

Around the World with Adri

Read our quick catch up with our favourite jet-setting MLM Girl Adri from @maya_gypsy about life and travel.

From Guatemala, to Australia and now living in Bali, tell us a little more about your journey and what lead you to where you are now? 

That’s a really good question, and one that I can’t answer in a few sentences but the commonality of all the experiences that led me to where I am now is always trusting my intuition and the willingness to take risks without having the certainty that things would work out. If there is something I’ve learned throughout this journey is that things always work out for the best, there is no wrong turn.

Out of all of your travels, what is your number one spot you would recommend to visit once in your life?

It’s hard to pick favourites. With time I’ve realised how each place has enriched my life in different ways but 2 countries come to mind, Cuba & the Philippines, both very different, both expand you and leave you feeling somehow changed. 

MLM Label x Adri Maya Gypsy
MLM Label x Adri

You and your partner Luke are full time content creators, what does a normal day look like for you?

No day is ever the same and that’s part of the fun. My favourite days are those we spend outside exploring & creating.

Your work centres around you being 'online', do you find it hard to find balance between on and off when you dictate your own working hours?

It’s definitely hard to switch off. We are still trying to achieve a balance and take the time to completely shut down. Our favourite thing to disconnect is to head down to our local beach spot and watch the sunset with a coconut in hand.

As a frequent flyer, what are your tips for packing light and what wardrobe essentials always come with you?

As a fashion content creator I’m not the best at packing light (ha ha). I always try to pack less shoes as they take so much space. Picking shoes that are versatile & comfortable. We mostly head to warm destinations so I always pack headscarves to for my not so good hair days.

MLM Label x Adri
MLM Label x Adri

We challenged Adri to pick some of her top spots to eat, stay and see around the world...


Ceviche in CEV in Siargao
Mojitos in La Guarida Havana Cuba
Vietnamese pancakes in Hoi AN


Barefoot luxury in Nomade, Tulum 
Bamboo home at Hideout, Bali 
Lake Views at Casa del Mundo in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala  


Snorkelling in Fiji
Siargao Island for the ultimate tropical island views
Sunset in Joshua tree  


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