Celebrate your Silk

Our much-loved silk dresses sell out before they even land at HQ and we want to see you, our lovely, loyal customers showcasing them.

We know how popular they are for your special occasion (especially weddings!)

so... celebrate & send us your snaps!

Simply email us your photo to info@mlmlabel.com or tag us on your socials #mlmsilks

If we feature your photo we'll thank you by gifting you a $40 gift card off your next MLM purchase. We can't wait to see them!

While you're here we just want to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation for being with us on the MLM journey and supporting us every step of the way. Please reach out if there's anything you want to see from us in the future, we're always listening.

Laurel Aitken

Laurel Aitken

Magazine Designer Clothing