Fabric Care

Fabric Care

MLM Label Fabric Care Silk Cotton Rayon

The fabrics we use are an important part of who we are, including its origin,  touch and feel and how wonderfully they show our vibrant prints and colours you love. All of our fabrics are carefully chosen to have minimal impact on our planet as well as be the best choice for quality and wearability for you.  

Here are some little tips on how to love and care for your piece:

  • Help sustain our environment and avoid unnecessary washing and save water by opting to re-fresh your piece after wear by letting it air out (perfect for lightweight silks) or steam the garment before re-wearing.
  • If you don’t own a steamer, hang your MLM piece in the bathroom while showering, the hot steam will re-fresh your garment and help remove unwanted wrinkles.
  • Spot clean with cool water to treat most stains, especially for your silks.
  • For those items safe to warm wash, always use a protective laundry bag, this will help protect buttons and straps from catching into other parts of the garment or their neighbour.
And finally, if unsure - please reach out to us at anytime.

Our fabrics come from the earth, which means they also embody the properties of organic matter - they change over time and with use, often becoming softer and 'lived in'. As they are delicate and often hand printed or dyed, please take extra care of these pieces by carefully reading the care instructions below or on the care label.

Silk + Cotton Silk
Dry Clean is the first and foremost preferable care - however our silks can endure a very gentle & cool hand wash with a mild  detergent and air dry. Re-fresh between wearing by steaming or simply air drying - silk is breathable and will quickly re-fresh itself. Warm Iron with a protective cloth. Do not soak or bleach.

Hand-wash recommended - Using a mild detergent to avoid shrinkage and colour damage. Air Dry. Do not tumble-dry. If Ironing is required, a warm Iron using a protective cloth is necessary. Certainly, do no soak, Do not bleach. 

Cotton + Linen
Gentle cool hand wash, do no soak, do not bleach. Flat air dry out of the sun. Warm Iron. Do not tumble-dry. (Tumble dry will break down the natural fibres and weaken the linen). Do not soak or bleach. If using any spot treatments, test for colour fastness in a hidden area.

Our knits are hand created so keep it simple - cool hand wash and flat air dry away from the sun. Do not soak or bleach.

Vintage Wash Cottons
Our Vintage Wash Jumpers and Tees have already been pre-treated for you, a gentle warm wash, air dry out of the sun. Do not soak or bleach.

Swimwear (Recycled Nylon)
For longevity rinse out your MLM swim with fresh clean water after use. Do not leave wet unless its hanging in fresh air or flat to dry. Cool hand wash to clean. Gentle cool wash in laundry protective bag if necessary.

Our jewellery is made of gold - and silver-plated metals including brass, zinc, steel and more. All of our jewellery is Nickel Free & Lead Free. Our earring posts are made with Surgical Steel for sensitive ears. Avoid contact with water, sweat, lotions & perfumes as these can tarnish the jewellery. When you are not wearing, store in a jewellery case or soft cloth pouch to prevent damage.
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