Five minutes with Ashley Kane Harper

Five minutes with Ashley Kane Harper

MLM Label x Ashley Kane Harper

Meet Ashley Kane Harper, gorgeous as ever, the glowing mumma-to-be joins us for a quick chat on all things creativity, style and motherhood in the latest instalment of our #MLMmuse series.

We would love to hear about your journey, how did you succeed in where you are today as a blogger?

I think the key to my personal success has been staying true to myself and running at full speed at my curiosities. If I look back on my life, utilizing creative outlets on a daily basis has been one of the most consistent and prominent parts of my growth as a human and creative. Blogging has been a hobby of mine since I was 15—it has always brought me immense joy. The flame has been lit ever since I first discovered I could create digitally, and has only grown to be more fiery as time passes. It is a massive part of who I am.

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We see you as the ultimate embodiment of the #MLMGirl - powerful, feminine and modern - what influences your style?

For me, when I find something that works with my body and makes me feel good... I become a forever fan. I'm quite a creature of habit with curating my wardrobe... I rely heavily on certain styles that make me feel my very best. I think it's why my readership has such a good pulse on my style, too, and will send me sweet "thought of you when I saw this dress!" notes and they are always *spot on. 

Your gorgeous baby is due in June this year, what excites you the most about having a little girl?

I can't even begin to express how thrilled we are, we have been counting down the days to meet her (currently under 90 day marker!). 

Growing up, I always dreamt of starting my own family and doing things a bit differently than my own upbringing. I was very indifferent about having a boy or girl in the initial stages of pregnancy, but a week leading up to finding out the gender, I really hoped it was a girl as I have always wanted a special mother/daughter bond. I just can't wait for this new chapter of our lives, we are so ready and are beyond grateful we get to be her parents!

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What are some rituals or habits you practice to recharge your creative and inspirational mind?

One habit I can always rely on—I am very impacted by my surroundings, so ensuring that my work space and home are orderly. I have always loved the feeling of a fresh start—that in itself gives me a lot of clarity and creative energy!

I have noticed that whenever I feel in a rut, a big organize/tidy up day helps immensely!

One other always-reliable ritual is to disconnect and get outside. There is nothing more rejuvenating than being present with yourself and nature and some Vitamin D!

These two coupled together catapult me out of a rut and give me new life! Once I am feeling a bit more grounded, I like to spend a day immersing myself in new ideas and inspiration. Sitting down with post-its and a few design books and magazines, falling into a Tumblr or Pinterest rabbit hole, allowing myself to fall into the zone and dream up new ideas and visions always gives me such a creative spark. 

MLM Label x Ashley Kane Harper

We absolutely love sitting down with a coffee or tea and reading through Ashley's lifestyle blog, from sweet Words of Encouragement for New Mamas and delicious recipes to tuning into her latest playlistthere's always something new and inspiring that resonates with us and motivates us to keep creating for women like Ashley and you.

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