A JOURNEY WITH @masha_theone

 We recently spoke with @masha_theone, who told us about her journey into sharing her most delicate moments as a mother and style influencer with the world.

In our eyes, Masha is an ultimate icon of Mumma Influencers and fashion figure of the #mlmgirl...

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We would love to hear about your journey, how did you succeed in where you are today as influencer?

It all started when I had my first son 4 years ago. I was on maternity leave and a mom for the first time, very overwhelmed by the newborn bubble at first and trying to figure out my way in this new journey. Around the time when Riccardo was 4 months old and it all gotten much easier I started Instagram to connect with other moms going through the same experiences.

I always loved taking pictures, always a big passion of mine. So I started documenting our moments together and those first milestones and I would post them on Instagram. And that’s when I came across a beautiful community of like minded moms across the world, all sharing their joys and struggles and lifestyles through those little squares.

I have never imagined back then that this would be what I’d do for a living one day.

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We see you as an ultimate example of the #MLMGIRL What influences your style?

Oh thanks so much. My style is influenced by seasons mostly but I am so much better at dressing myself in summer. I love all the bohemian vibes mixed with a bit of that old fashioned Italian “Dolce Vita”

Who or what inspires you?

I think the Mediterranean lifestyle is what inspires me the most and some amazing style icons like Kate Moss. On Instagram I am obsessed with @lucywilliams and @adenorah, so simple and effortless, those girls just have it !

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Any further travel plans for the next 12 months? (We look forward to following you on your journeys)

Oh Tuscany is our first destination, followed by Venice and planning a trip to Paris in August. I love Europe, there’s no better place to be in summer.

What do you do to re-charge your creative and inspirational mind?

Travel! Going to new places, exploring and learning about new cultures it’s where I find myself most inspired and recharged. I feel like I am more alive than ever when I get to spend time with my family which are my biggest inspiration and source of energy.

We are a little bit of a nomads at heart and love adventuring together!

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You can see and read more about Masha here @masha_theone | mashatheone.com