MLM Mummas

Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful wives, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, aunties... Understated, unconditional, wonder-women  who we know by the simple word
This year we are celebrating by sharing some of our favourite MLM Mumma moments...

Our girl Agatha has been patiently growing a second little miracle and we have been so honoured to be a part of her journey ❤

Last year for Mother's Day, we chatted to Agatha about what Motherhood means to her, read the interview here. This year we asked about her go-to pregnancy styles...

I’ve absolutely loved wearing shirred dresses while being pregnant!  They have been so perfect for my growing bump and super comfortable. I’ve also loved wearing the silk midi styles, they just add that bit of glam to a pregnant belly. 

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mlm label agatha witchert siesta silk midi champagne floral @agathavpw wears the Siesta Silk Midi in Champagne Floral
@mannolly wearing our Blooms Dress
@mish_mac in MLM Leopard
@lucasgirlslove Casey wears our Provins Silk Midi and the girls wear our Boa Green Mini Styles


Some of our favourite insights from MLM Mummas...

"I love being able to show my son the importance for both sexes to be self sufficient, work hard, have passion and find a way to do what they love and make it viable. That no one should ever feel they have to rely on someone else to make their dreams come true. To be hungry, dedicated and to always have balance. I also want him to feel comfortable in himself and to be comfortable with me as I am his family. I try to make him feel free and open and supported and that even though I might be confronting or unconventional that everyone and all their differences should be allowed to be who they want to be if it doesn’t harm anyone else. "

- Dina Broadhurst, read our interview with Dina here.

Dina Broadhurst

" I try to dissuade my child from buying fast fashion and take her to environmental and women's marches. I think sometimes you can talk and talk but kids don't listen - they look at what you're doing, not what you're saying, so I try to live my life in an empowering way and hope she will take my lead."

- Tanja Gacic, read our interview with Tanja here.

mlm label tanja gacic

Our warmest wishes to all the MLM Mummas celebrating their first Mother's Day this year! We caught up with Jamie-Lee who is also celebrating her very first Mother's Day... read here.
And a big, warm Happy Mother's Day to super-mum and boss Julia Softley - our founder and director here at MLM ❤ Head to our story highlights on Instagram to watch our Q&A with Julia