We caught up with one of our favourite Sydney artists and MLM Muse, Dina Broadhurst, for a quick chat about art, femininity and fashion. 


A former make-up artist and interior designer with bachelor degrees in visual communication and fine arts,  tell us about your impressive career journey and what influences and choices led you to where you are now?

It’s funny how linked they all actually are. From the colour theory to composition balance and working with materials such as makeup, natural stones, fabrics etc. with all having a strong influence in fashion and trends. So the study really came full circle for me and wrapped everything up into my passion for contemporary art. I would spend my days and nights looking at art photography, trawling through auction catalogs, studying the second hand art market which I find so fascinating, reading about the economics and politics of the art world visiting any and every show I could. And I was just in awe and fascinated always by art and always will be. The way it moves me and the high I get. And to be able to be a part of that world as my job I feel so blessed. Instagram allowed me to showcase my art to an audience directly and it just grew from there. 

Tell us about your work and what an average day might look like for you?

It’s always emails and Instagram from the moment I wake up. Then I generally go to my printer and sign and check and rest print works 3 times a week. Then I’m usually answering briefs, working on concepts, commissions or trialling new ideas. The mid afternoon until the light goes are usually my creative hours. Then it’s the digital side for retouching editing and keeping on top of emails and Instagram again until its bedtime, usually around 10pm. 

Your artwork is an engaging commentary on current global issues such as body image, consumerism and notions of femininity. As a mother, how do you translate the values instilled in your artworks to your home life and what are the most important things you want to teach your son, Leo?

I love being able to show my son the importance for both sexes to be self sufficient, work hard, have passion and find a way to do what they love and make it viable. That no one should ever feel they have to rely on someone else to make their dreams come true. To be hungry, dedicated and to always have balance. I also want him to feel comfortable in himself and to be comfortable with me as I am his family. I try to make him feel free and open and supported and that even though I might be confronting or unconventional that everyone and all their differences should be allowed to be who they want to be if it doesn’t harm anyone else. 

You have quite a large following on Instagram, how has the platform affected your public voice and do you find you need to “switch off” often?

It’s really hard to switch off as I like to do most things myself as there is pleasure for me in every aspect of my business. It’s the constant role changes that challenge me, calm me, interest me and keep me ticking and alive. Instagram has been everything to my exposure and my reach to a global audience and without it I wouldn’t be able to have such direct access and communication with those who support and love my with and for this I feel so blessed and thankful for such an amazing platform. 

There is a dynamic relationship between fashion and art, each influencing each other for centuries, how does your personal art and design aesthetic translate to your wardrobe and style philosophy?

My wardrobe is like my work quite simple and stripped back. It hides and revels. It’s not too much or too little. It always has a little twist or something sexy or alluring about it. And like my art I recycle and buy vintage or second hand And my personal style is very much like my work. Fun, colourful, eclectic and a bit surreal. Mixing new and old, street finds with high end pieces. 

Often exhibiting worldwide and travelling, what wardrobe essentials are always packed in your suitcase?

A pair of great trainers, a statement earring, blue jeans, and a fitted long dress and a pump.