Meet Tahlia Giumelli - Mother's Day Edit

Meet Tahlia Giumelli - Mother's Day Edit

Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful wives, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, aunties... Understated, unconditional, wonder-women who we know by the simple word⁠


To celebrate this year, we had a chat with the lovely Tahlia Giumelli who is the face of our latest collection Blue Moon, on her journey of motherhood so far. Mother of two beautiful angels Sophie and Elodie.

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The journey of motherhood is a personal and important experience for everyone, what is special to you as a Mum?

Motherhood is certainly a journey and absolutely changes you, I've learnt more about myself and my strengths since I have become a mum and I am proud of the person I am and I wouldn't be this person if it wasn't for my children. 

How do you juggle between your work, self-care & mum life? Knowing balance is a holistic concept to many women these days. 

I try and take each day as it comes, I make sure to make some me time even if it's going to the gym in the evening for an hour, having a bath or watching an episode of netflix in peace. Asking for help or even taking help when it is offered was really hard at the start but I've become better at speaking up and accepting the help when it's there. 

One piece of style advice your mum gave you?

Don't throw anything out because you don't know when it will become fashionable again. She tells me all the time she regrets throwing out statement pieces of clothing as they have come back into fashion haha.

And one piece of advice you can pass on to all other Mumma's out there?

Your children don't need a perfect mum, they just need you. Someday's my kids don't get out of their pjs (and neither do I) but they become some of our best days, someday you will absolutely nail it and other days you wonder how you survive. Take each day as it comes, tomorrow is a new day and you are doing a great job


Thank you Tahlia for the chat. 
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