Sheena & Gabriel

Congratulations to Sheena and Gabriel on their beautiful wedding!
We wish them all the joy and love in the world as they start this new chapter of their lives.
Sheena started her MLM bridal journey with us earlier this year and we were delighted to hear back from her after the wedding.
We had a little chat and were thrilled to hear that the Apollo gown received many compliments and was perfect for her special day.
Thank you for sharing your love story with us Sheena.
1. How did Gabriel and yourself meet and how did he propose?
I met Gabriel at work and I fell instantly in love with him; he has such a beautiful energy about him!
He proposed in the most magical way, it still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. He booked a few nights away for us at a rainforest retreat.
We spent the whole day exploring and when we came back he had arranged a treasure hunt around the entire apartment.
All the clues led me to his proposal. It was so surreal!
2. What a beautiful location, where is this special place?
 We got married in Paris, at a really beautiful park called Parc de Sceaux, with just our family present. It was honestly the best day of our lives - so so special.
3. How would you describe your personal style and did that translate to the wedding theme?
I would describe my personal style as very minimalist, and that definitely translated into the theme of our small, yet beautiful ceremony. I don’t really like anything to be too over the top, but I love simple, elegant and natural beauty. That’s why we chose to have our ceremony in a beautiful garden surrounded by just our family and the beauty of summer seasonal flowers. 
4. What made you choose MLM Bridal for your special day?
I chose MLM bridal for a few reasons; firstly the style of the Apollo gown was exactly what I was looking for. Something that was elegant, chic, classy and really minimal. I loved how the design of this dress just drapes over you in all the right places and the silk fabric made the dress flow so beautifully as you move around. The dress is so beautiful yet simple at the same time, so it really allows you to be the star of the show!
Our gowns are created as high quality, bespoke, affordable and timeless gowns.. personally for the relaxed bride - if you are on the lookout we congratulate you on your engagement & wish you the very best on your bridal journey.
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