Spotlight on MLM Muse, Artist Morgan Jamieson

Spotlight on MLM Muse, Artist Morgan Jamieson

Join us as we chat with the amazingly talented Morgan Jamieson about her upcoming show, creativity during lockdown and her favourite Spring tunes.

MLM Label Morgan Jamieson Artist Interview Siesta Silk Midi Green Amalfi

You started selling your own artwork at the age of 16, can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got to where you are today?

Yes! I guess in hindsight I have always been a 'creative type' (I hate that term but it's true), I excelled at art in school, maths and science was never something that held my attention. I went on to study a Bachelor Of Visual Art and worked as a professional graphic designer for 13 years. Throughout the 13 years I built up my profile as a practising Artist and at the beginning of this year I resigned from my 'day job' to pursue it as my sole income stream - and I haven't looked back!

You’ve mentioned in your Instagram posts that your upcoming show is a little bit different to your usual work… what can we expect to see and what was the catalyst to the change in direction?

My upcoming solo show is a result of the Artist In Residence program at Lon Retreat in Victoria - where the exhibition will be held. The program is 'the Artist's view of Lon' The Lon Retreat is a spa and accommodation set on farm property that backs onto the beach in Point Lonsdale in Southern Victoria. It's rural and rugged, the colours are muted, calm and serene. The colouring of my normal work had to be paired back to complement this 'brief'. My body of work is titled 'Shapes of Lon' and was produced entirely from studies at Lon Retreat. It focuses on the aesthetic and geometric shape and pattern makeup of the native flora located within the grounds of the Retreat and the surround town of Pt Lonsdale. The body of work is a more methodical take on my recognisable style with paired back colours from that of my iconic bold palette with intentional pockets of neon and pastel - It was a huge challenge for me working with neutral colours but important that the work still be recognised as my signature style.

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How have lockdowns and spending more time at home affected your creativity or drive?

Its certainly increased my creativity! I use painting as a bit of an outlet, its something that I can go back to, something that doesn't change or move so to speak. I think this year has brought so much uncertainty and the rules have been forever changing but painting is something that I can completely switch off and do. I don't think about anything else while I am doing it, its super important for my mental health.

Also a graphic designer working on exciting projects such as designing wine labels, what’s your secret to juggling a busy schedule and staying organised?

This is a great question, organisation and planning is key in our household, both my husband and I are very busy with our respective careers and we are both currently working from home while raising 2 busy toddlers! I do LOTS of meal planning, cooking and snack baking in advance, I plan out the mornings that I will go for a run, I have 2 dedicated studio days so that I can work in uninterrupted blocks of time and I maintain my emails of a night so that I don't fall behind. Lists and alarms in my phone are also my saviour for reminders when I am 'on the go'!

MLM Label Morgan Jamieson Artist Interview Lon Retreat

You describe your work as ‘bold, bright, clashy and imperfect’ - how would you describe your wardrobe and personal style?

My wardrobe is quite the opposite, I wear lots of neutral colours at home, sage green, ecru, nude, light pinks. I think sometimes I like to take a step away from colour, its so heavily dominant in my artwork and when I am at home with the kids I think my subconscious tells me to give colour a rest. But I also have a section of my wardrobe that is dedicated to bold prints and patterns, I really think I am two different personalities in one body!

Lastly, what music is on your Spring playlist?

Ooo I love this question! Music and colour are VERY connected in my brain - I have quite an eclectic taste in music - so there is always something that I can pair with what I am working on at a given time. Currently on my play list are The Shins, Kendrick Lamar, MIA, Florence & The Machine, The Roots, Yusuf and Prince!


If you are in Victoria, catch Morgan's show 'Shapes of Lon' at Lon Retreat from October 17th - November 28th 2020. 

All photos courtesy of the artist and photographer Monika Berry. Styled in MLM pieces by Erin Newman.

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