Behind the Scenes: The Design Process

 MLM Label Tiger Kingdom Tee Warm Sand

Each collection we bring you a new, exclusive graphic print for our signature washed cotton tees and jumpers designed by our founder and director Julia Softley.

From paper to computer to fabric to your wardrobe, take a peek behind the scenes of the process...


Inspiration comes from many places, design research, prints, dreams, my favourite things at home, stories my kids tell me, visuals I may see throughout my day... I love all things beautiful and creating illustrations which feel positive!

mlm label work in progress tiger print


An initial visual inspiration or colour palette is chosen as a base, then I begin with a lightweight drawing. I layer and layer depending on where I want the depth to be within the specific illustration.

I use watercolour pencils since I love the vibrancy within the colour and blending capabilities. Sometimes I blend with water, other times I blend with other pencil shades.

Once I have layered this up to the most satisfying image to my eye, I photograph the illustration, export it to my computer, and collage in any other visuals in the creative suite.

The 'Tiger Kingdom Print' came from a combination of watercolour pencil and a Vintage Scarf.

mlm label tiger print in progress

I also create our MLM pieces in a similar way - building on the most favourite and workable silhouettes, adding details and prints to give it its MLM signature touch.

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