Country living with Nathalia Crabtree

Country living with Nathalia Crabtree

As we are stepping into summer in Australia, we took a moment and had a chat with fellow creative, Nathalia, about farm and ocean living.

She moved to Western Australia from Sweden and fell in love with country life in Perth's south west region.

She married an Australian farmer and they have two beautiful girls aged 4 and 2. Her creative and stunning photography can be seen on instagram. @our.lovely.mess

Thank you for your time today Nathalia...

Q: Were you always a country girl or have you lived in the city prior?

A: I moved to the country eight years ago but I’m originally from Sweden. I moved to Australia ten years ago now to get my degree in journalism. So, a long-time country living girl now but I spent time in Perth and lived in Stockholm prior to studying fashion history and advertising. 

Just a long story short! Moved to the farm on the south west coast of WA as I fell in love with a farmer and love living close to the ocean.

Q: Some wonderful creatives (like yourself) have come out of Sweden, do you miss anything about your home country? lifestyle, street style?

A: Oh, I do! I miss the architecture and culture, walking around Stockholm marvelling over the old buildings and going to museums. I grew up with a museum director mum and I love me a good walk around exhibitions or admiring beautiful art. It brings so much inspiration, as does seeing Scandinavian people’s amazing sense of style! So simple yet always so gorgeous! 

I also miss Swedish food too! And cinnamon buns. I miss a lot of things when I think about it but I can’t wait to go home again for a visit, soon I hope!

Q: Back in Australia, what do you love most about living on the farm and being near the ocean (the best of both worlds)?

A: It truly is the best of both worlds! We feel so lucky that this is where we raise our girls. It’s isolated but the beauty of the land makes up for it. On the farm I love the open spaces, in that there is nothing between me and the most beautiful horizon and that we can live so close to nature. I don’t think either my husband nor I could live without being near the ocean. When you’ve had a dusty day on the farm and feel a bit isolated, going for a dip and a play with the girls at the beach brings so much calm and joy!

Q: Did you end up pursuing journalism?

A: Yes, I studied at Berghs school of communication in Stockholm and they have an exchange program which I took up. While in Perth, I realised I loved writing stories more than creating advertising campaigns so I switched my major and loved it! We moved to the farm just after I graduated but I worked as a youth journalist at a newspaper for years while in school and for fashion magazines in Stockholm, while I studied there.

I even got to interview Cameron Diaz’s’ hairstylist and remember him telling me my at the time questionable bob was very “chic”. I think it made my year! There were not many opportunities for magazine work when I moved and it was before social media really took off. But I took up photography when I had Pip and love it so much. I run my Instagram profile and the photo/writing work that comes with that while having my girls with me all day every day. It is so lovely! Balancing work and mum life aren’t easy but it is so rewarding. I love that I get to work with brands I adore, like MLM Label! 

Q: You have two beautiful girls, what has been the most challenging aspect of motherhood?

For me, the most challenging aspect has been wondering if I do enough? But simultaneously knowing that I do, it’s just something I sometimes need to remind myself of. I’m sure lots of mothers do!

No one is perfect and being a stay at home mother, who also wants to pursue her dreams outside of motherhood can be challenging. It really is a lot at times as it’s just me when my farmer works long hours (so many months of the year, a farmer’s wife basically do it all - seeding and harvest can be tiring!). But I know our girls will grow up seeing their parents work hard for their dreams and know that they were always surrounded by love, even if they have to eat weetbix for dinner at times. 

Q: What/who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to photography?

I adore so many photographers that it’s hard to pinpoint even a few but I’m always inspired by movement. It’s something I want to try and have in all my photos, be it love for the land or for my girls.

I really love seeing so many photographers on Instagram too! It’s so inspiring to see all these women pursuing their passion and capturing memories families will treasure always. 

Q: One piece of advice you'd like to share with the #mlmgirl from life thus far? 

Never stop dreaming. Never stop creating and never give up. On anything. You are stronger than you think and you are always far more loved than you think too. 

It’s so easy to be insecure about this or that but remember so is everyone else. A kind heart and trying your best is good enough. And you are ALWAYS good enough.


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