At Home With Julia Softley

At Home With Julia Softley

MLM label Julia Softley at homeWith many of us still working from home and adjusting to a new lifestyle, we chatted with our Founder, Director, Mum of Two, Sister of 6 and all-round super woman Julia Softley about how she balances her roles between work, home and on the go.
What are some of your at home rituals?

Coffee is the first and foremost thing each morning. Most mornings, my youngest is up early with me (aka wakes me) who 'helps' make my coffee while I grab him a bottle of milk.
We then head to the lounge room floor and stretch out on the Yoga Mat together before the day sparks up with usually a walk to the beach in summer - or some ABC kids on TV during those cold rainy mornings.
For me? If I'm not checking emails, I'm most fond of a facial mask, glass of wine, and some Fleetwood Mac blaring in the background when I have the place to myself.

In a busy, crazy household of two little boys, how do you get your work done?

I have become a do-er and work on the go. Some days I make it to bath bedtime and realise I have not even sat down all day. Someone mentioned to me one day - ''Julia you are not the type to work nine to five you will work 6 days straight to take 3 days off''.
With not a lot of family support around us, both my husband and I try to multi-task where possible, reaching out to friends for playdates is also a wonderful thing - They say 'it takes a village to raise a child'. 


Your favourite piece/ place in your home?

I would have to say our glass living table by 'Monica Armani' which we recently invited back into our living area to create more space for the boys. This table has seen me work for years in my MLM showroom space so I have formed a special relationship with the beauty.  Now we dine as a family, talk, socialise, play and I still use it as a workspace at home.

Your go-to working from the home outfit and your go-to lounge outfit?

I love in my Manhattan Sweaters or Tees since they are not just extremely comfy but pair back with so many different bottoms, and comfy ones for work or lounge... my newest craze are the MLM Orient pant, So comfy and cheery to have at home.

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