Interview with Holly from the La Dolce Vita Campaign Shoot

Come behind the scenes of our campaign photoshoot for 'La Dolce Vita' and read the interview with our model Holly.

You recently worked with us on our campaign shoot for our resort collection 'La Dolce Vita', what was your favourite part of the shoot?
I loved shooting locally in the Northern Beaches as I'm based in Newport. The location was super cool in a 70's inspired house with the interiors, architecture and collection all harmoniously  working together. The Team were amazing! So lovely, layed back and talented. I love working with an all female team! Girl power!
MLM Label R18 La Dolce Vita BTS
Which was your favourite outfit to shoot in?
I loved the Aaron shift dress, the vibrant orange colour is beautiful with a sun kissed tan and the free flowing comfortable fabric so easy to get around in and ethereal. It's the kind of dress you can wear during the day and then dress up with some earrings into the night.
'La Dolce Vita' had been inspired by Slim Aarons, an American photographer from the 70’s noted for photographing socialites, jet-setters and celebrities - from the sun-drenched Italian coastline to Swiss mountain resorts and the private homes of the rich and famous. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

I've never been to Europe, that's on my bucket list as a dream holiday destination, but from experience I love going to Byron Bay every year over summer. The food, fashion and culture of the place is a dream. There's always music festivals, food/fashion markets and great bars I love to go to, along with great surf and shopping!
Describe your perfect Italian summer wardrobe..

Feminine, free flowing dresses - comfortable, sexy and effortless, paired with some strappy suede sandals and a cute tote straw bag. 
MLM Label R18 La Dolce Vita BTS
MLM Label R18 La Dolce Vita BTS
We followed your travels this year on your Instagram page.. where did you go? Was this for modelling on leisure?
I recently lived in London for three months modelling! It was amazing such an incredible, fast paced, diverse city with so much happening. London's fashion industry is definitely at the forefront of cultural diversity and innovative fashion. Being sponsored to work there is very humbling as I met so many great, creative people.
What are your next movements over the summer?

Since being back in Australia it's nice to take it easy and embrace everything, the weather here is amazing so is the fresh food. I'll be going on a road trip up the coast, finding waterfalls, going to festivals and being outdoors a lot!


MLM Label R18 La Dolce Vita BTS

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Hair and Make Up @indiavarena_makeup

Photographer Cara O'Dowd