Travel, work and life with Andriana Chidiac


The glamorous Andriana Chidiac talks to us about her journey from pageant queen to influencer and gives us advice on travel, relaxation and style.

MLM Label Sintra Silk Romper Sintra Silk Romper

We would love to hear about your journey, how did you succeed in where you are today as in influencer?

When I was in my teens, blogging wasn’t a thing. I started modeling when I was 16 years old and I was crowned Miss Lebanon Australia in 2011. I then continued competing in beauty pageants such as Miss Australia International and overseas in Miss Lebanon Emigrant, placing first runner up for both pageants. That basically kick started my career and I started to gain followers in Australia and internationally. When Instagram came about, I joined as it was the perfect platform to share what I was up to on a day to day basis and to connect with my followers. And I haven’t stopped since!

(Andriana wear the Sintra Silk Romper in Peacock

Tell us about your recent trip to the USA wearing MLM LABEL.. what were your highlights? Any recommendations for other #MLMGIRLS?

So this would be my third time to the states! It was so much fun! I flew to LA and then hired a car and drove to Vegas! All I can say is WOW! Such an amazing experience. As an influencer, holidaying also means work... well, taking pics for Instagram at least! In saying that, I loved wearing MLM label as it was perfect for the cute little lunch/dinner spots we ate at and for the gram.  Also- I love showing off our Aussie designers overseas such as MLM label by wearing them abroad! We should always support the talent we have at home.  

Recommendations I have when packing is to research and organise the places you would like to visit and pack the clothes you think would suit! I always plan my outfits from head to toe for each day/night before traveling. I even do a little flat lay and take a picture of each outfit so I know  what goes with what when I’m there instead of frantically trying to match accessories whilst in a rush to get out the door. 

(Below: Andriana wears the Blooms Short in Black Linen)

MLM Label Blooms Linen Short Blooms Linen Short
MLM Label Blooms Linen Short Blooms Linen Short

We love seeing you in MLM Label! How do you feel when wearing our pieces?

I absolutely love wearing MLM as they are light and easy to wear. My taste in clothing is quite feminine, flirty and fun. I’m also quite curvy so MLM works great on my body. Shopping online for me is so hard because I have a small waist compared to my bust and booty. I feel like MLM is designed for all body shapes, especially mine, as they pull you in and give you room where needed the most. For that reason, I feel super pretty and confident when wearing MLM, and confidence is everything! Always wear whatever makes you feel good! 

MLM Label Poppy Wrap Midi Dress Red Linen Poppy Wrap Midi Dress Red Linen
MLM Label Cable Shrug Cardi Cable Shrug Cardi

When you are at home in Sydney, where are your favourite places to unwind?

At home with my family! I love my comfort zone and chilling in my pjs with no makeup on. It’s a nice change as my lifestyle is quite active and I’m always out at events in heels etc! My happiness is definitely my friends, family and of course my pets (I have a cat and a dog). Any chance I get, I spend it with them. And my house is always packed, everyone is always over and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t mind the loudness, I actually love it, as long as I am at home. 

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Magnolia Dress in Black


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