Behind the Scenes with Nikki for Autumn 19

MLM Label Peony Dress Behind the scenes
 MLM Label Cava Dress Behind the scenes
Join us behind the scenes of our campaign shoot for 'The Asteria Collection' and read the interview with our model Nikki Crerar.
What was your favourite part of the shoot?
At shoots, I find there's always this awkward 30 minutes at the start where no one's quite sure on the dynamics - is the model shy? what’s the photographer's vibe etc? Once the dynamics are established its generally smooth sailing! The whole team at the MLM shoot were so fun, relaxed and very accommodating to my cold feet. They also made sure we were well caffeinated and had plenty of food to keep our energy levels up!
Which was your favourite look?
Oh wow, that's a tough one! So many different styles to pick from, I pick it all! Would be a very happy camper if my wardrobe was filled with MLM label. 
Describe your personal style
I would definitely say comfort and warmth are on top of the priority list when it comes to picking my outfit each day, usually, I’m either sporting a plain tee and some baggy jeans or some form of active wear. However, I do love to dress up for occasions and get a little more girly!


MLM label BTS letter tee
MLM label BTS mia cami blooms short