MLM label is a low Profit Business. We thrive on offering premium quality fabrics and production for that very special occasion.

From industry experience over the 15 years of MLM, understanding of the involvement behind a small business can be unknown to the customer. The industry can be unforgiving at times, to the environment, wallets and the thought process of purchasing customers.

MLM has always strived to be honest with its customer and here we have decided to unveil your true cost behind one single garment.

Our margins are small which are re-invested into the future of this small business. This creates opportunity for local employment, freelances and small businesses who help make MLM the brand it is. We produce throughout three different countries which provides assets to artisans, their families & local villages.

Our true cost chart is an estimate based on the average RRP of our bestselling silks. However the general formula applies to each garment.

Our promotional discounts and sales are not calculated into this chart therefore giving us a loss when items are discounted at 20% or more.