Packaging & Recycling

We have switched to using products from various environmentally friendly companies to ensure we are doing our bit for the planet, all the way through.

Starting with out production packaging by Better Packaging Co. in which our garments are individually packed for protection in Indonesia, then shipped to the MLM Label warehouse in Australia. These Poly bags are made from corn starch and are home compostable (AS 5810).

Following through to the consumer packaging, our compostable satchels are then used to ship orders safely to our customers or retailers. Everything inside your package including the tissue paper and stickers by No Issue are fully recyclable and eco-friendly.

We have made a conscious effort to minimise all plastic and single-use products, however any plastic that makes its way into MLM Label HQ is hand delivered to a specific recycle drop point close to our Sydney headquarters. Boxes are made from recycled paper and are either re-used in house for shipping, or recycled.

Taking this further, we are a member of Terra Cycle to recycle any Australia Post packaging waste which has been received at our head office. Terra Cycle has numerous drop point location if you wish to recycle your own Australia Post packages. Find your closest drop point.
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