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a note from the designer

With no expectations except for sharing my lifelong passion with apparel and art, MLM Label was initiated in 2009. My vision for MLM Label was, and still is for the women of today.

 Over the past twelve years, I have worked alongside a vast array of hand skilled creatives, strong business women and innovative industry contacts who have helped the label grow in to what it is today.

 Each day, I am grateful to be surrounded by such inspiring staff, clients, family and friends who are positive and supportive about who the #MLMGIRL is. MLM label represents every step I have taken and every decision I have made over the years. It represents family, it represents love and continues to thrive. ‘More Loving Mindfulness’.

 Please spare a moment to read below about the origins of MLM Label, our mission and how the brand is created today… from us…for you. Julia Softley x

behind our scenes

MLM label is an Australian designed and operated bespoke lifestyle brand, which holds a strong and sustainable bond with clothing production in Bali, Indonesia, and reputable sources within China. Since the launch of MLM Label, we have ensured our principal production headquarters in Bali provide a safe and comfortable working environment for all of our production team and continue to value and maintain these standards.

Our staff work closely with local creatives and print houses to ensure the product is made to the best quality, production fees are paid above industry standard and, most importantly, the product is ethically made. Some of our production resources are local Balinese with small family businesses. As part of this relationship, we ensure everyone is immediately rewarded and paid in advance for their creative services.

 In addition to our production headquarters in Bali, we have a compatible and professional working with reputable production manager in China. Alongside other high-end Australian labels our china managers offer ethical production with premium, natural fabrics and the ability to produce complex prints we cannot source in Bali. We have hand-picked one print house and one production house who are aligned with our ethos and approved with above standard working conditions and ensure completely traceable and transparent production processes.

 Our production teams liaise daily with our Australian Head Office to ensure they are constantly in touch with the desired outcomes of the label and ultimately, the desired outcomes of the customer. We showcase our ranges to our retailers in advance to each season, from here we and only produce to order aside from a small selection of product for the MLM online boutique.

Further to this, our online pre order system influences ‘make to order’ for our customers which uses excess left over fabric from production within each season reducing waste and encouraging conscious shopping


MLM label is a low Profit Business. We thrive on offering premium quality fabrics and production for that very special occasion.

From industry experience over the 15 years of MLM, understanding of the involvement behind a small business can be unknown to the customer. The industry can be unforgiving at times, to the environment, wallets and the thought process of purchasing customers.

MLM has always strived to be honest with its customer and here we have decided to un veil your true cost behind one single garment.

Our margins are small which are re-invested into the future of this small business. This creates opportunity for local employment, freelances and small businesses who help make MLM the brand it is. We produce throughout three different countries which provides assets to artisans, their families & local villages.

Our true cost chart is an estimate based on the average RRP of our bestselling silks. However the general formula applies to each garment.

Our promotional discounts and sales are not calculated into this chart therefore giving us a loss when items are discounted at 20% or more.

our input towards the planet


From production packaging to the satchels and tissue paper your orders are shipped in, we have switched to environmentally friendly products to ensure we are doing our bit for the plant, all the way through.



All of our fabrics are carefully chosen to have minimal impact on our planet as well as be the best choice for quality and wearability for you.

Natural fabrics feel soft to the touch and are a great choice for many purposes.


Giving Back

We make regular clothing donations to Thread Together and The Australian Red Cross who do an incredible job at supporting people in need.
We run various incentives throughout the year which give back to our community through charity partnerships.